Using a Left Hand Tap

People who are left handed will find that using a left hand tap is intuitive and easy. However, there are quite a few different types of left hand taps just as they are right handed taps with the only difference being their orientation. When using a left hand tap for the first time there are a few precautions you should take in order to avoid personal injury especially if the tap you are using is in a commercial establishment such as a hotel, since many left hand taps are not installed correctly.

Knowing the orientation before using a left hand tap

On a left hand tap the left hand is from where cold water will flow and the right hand faucet will turn on the hot water. However, if the tap is incorrectly installed as it is the case with many places a left hand person can be in for a shocking surprise when he or she gets hot water on their hands. This is why it’s important that you first turn on the water for a while in order to make sure that it is not hot prior to running your hands under it.

There are a number of different left hand taps which range from the conventional to the latest electronic taps. Below is a list of some of the most common left hand tap categories:

  • Conventional left hand taps which can either be turned or lifted to allow for water to flow
  • Special taps which are meant for both left and right handed people
  • Electronic taps for left hand people
  • Shower and bath tub taps for left hand people

How to correctly start using a left hand tap and which to chose?

If you are a left hand person and share the home or room with other left hand people it would be a good idea to purchase a tap that everybody can use easily. Some people will find the conventional twisting tap easy to use which in the case of a left hand person will need to be twisted clock wise in order to allow for the water to flow. But if you also have small left handed kids in your home you will be better of installing a tap which does not require much force such as the latest taps which just requires that you lift the handle installed on the left to allow for the water to flow.

Electronic taps and correctly Using left hand tap

Electronic left hand taps have been around for a while and even though their prices have fallen to quite an extent they are still considered expensive for domestic use. These taps are also more expensive to install but they are very easy to use. These taps can also be purchased in their dual version which allows for both left and right hand people to use them. Using a left hand tap like this will just require that you place your hands under the tap for the sensors to detect and open up the water valve. If installed correctly these are also the safest taps you can purchase.

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