Speed Steel Left Hand Tap

A speed steel left hand tap is a special type of tap manufactured for high speed machinery. The steel has been especially treated in order to make it harder and withstand high temperatures when under pressure for an extended period of time. Speed steel taps are a much better alternative to traditional steel taps which are known to break, bend or simply wear off too soon.

There are numerous advantages of using a speed steel left hand tap which include:

  • It lasts much longer than ordinary steel or aluminum taps
  • Speed steel is harder and can withstand high temperatures so it’s excellent for high speed machinery
  • There are numerous types of speed steel taps which fit any machine
  • Speed steel taps last as long as their more expensive counterparts such as carbon fiber taps

Where can you purchase a speed steel left hand tap from?

Generally speaking it is not hard to find speed steel taps since there are numerous manufacturers and suppliers both online and offline that sell these taps. However, the first thing you should do is to contact the manufacturer of your machine to find out if they are selling taps, if not then you can search for a third party supplier. In most cases getting one from your manufacturer will be slightly more expensive but you can bet that it will fit your machine and its usage perfectly.

Online sellers of speed steel left hand tap

Finding an online store or supplier that sells speed steel left hand type taps is easy and just requires a simple Google search. However, the quality of the tap will vary since not all speed steel taps are made equal and there are some manufacturers that cut corners in order to reduce overall costs. If the tap is intended for heavy duty use it would be a good idea to purchase the best and even the most expensive tap you can find since it will save you the hassle and extra costs of subsequent replacements.

Getting a custom speed steel left hand tap

If you have searched for a long time and cannot seem to find a store or supplier that sells speed steel taps you may want to think about getting it custom made. A custom made tap can be expensive but it should fit your machine perfectly, plus if you get it manufactured in bulk you could also save additionally. But you may want to email or send over the blueprints of your machine or exact specifications in order to ensure that the tap fits your machine exactly as it should. Trying to force a tap which does not fit your machine is not a good idea, as it can cause both, personal harm as well as damage your machine.

Finding a speed steel left hand tap is simple if you know how to go about doing it. For older machines you may have to look a bit further than the manufacturer of the machine and probably try to find a third party supplier to sell you a few.

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