Left Hand Tap Techniques

Many of us tap our hands both left and right for various reasons, some of us tap because we are stressed out and or are feeling bored. However, there are a number of benefits of tapping which ranges from relieving stress to actually strengthening the muscles of your fingers. But for many of us tapping with our left hand can be very difficult especially since our right hand is the dominant one. By applying these left hand tap techniques you should be able to increase the force and the intensity of your left hand tapping which should increase your overall grip strength as well as relive stress effectively. This can be very helpful if you want to play a musical instrument such as a guitar which requires rapid left hand taping.

The first thing you have got to learn when you want to try left hand tap techniques is how to find a comfortable position before you start tapping. There are various advantages of finding a comfortable position which includes:

  • It makes taping easier
  • It prevents wrist and finger injury
  • You can steadily increase the pace of your taping
  • You’ll enjoy taping

Finding a comfortable position is the first step to learning Left hand tap techniques 

Many people find it easier to start tapping with something in their hand, if you want to play the guitar you can try to tap with a pick in your hand. But if you suffer from wrist tendonitis this may not be such a good idea and you may be better off tapping with your fingers. For people who want to hold a pick when they are tapping they should hold the pick between their first finger and their thumb. By freeing their middle finger aka the ring finger and their pinky finger they can try to tap with both. You can also hold the pick between your middle finger and your thumb; this frees your index finger which can be used for tapping. Every method has its own advantages and it really depends on what you find comfortable.

Relaxing your hand before using left hand tap techniques

Many people underestimate the power of relaxation, often times people get tensed when they try to tap their left fingers which results in overall bad taping performance. If you want to tap successfully start with a few stretching exercises for your hand. Bend your palm backwards and hold it in this position for 10 seconds and then close it into a fist for another ten seconds, repeat this a few times. The next exercise is to bend your fingers backwards and then forwards, and also side to side. This should get the blood circulation going in your hand.

Using a soft surface to practice left hand tap techniques

In order to avoid injury when you increase the intensity of your taping you should always practice it on a flat and soft surface. You can also simply spread few layers of ordinary newspaper on a table and practice taping on it as well.

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