Minature Left Hand Tap

A minature left had tap is a really small tap which is intended for use with left hand operated machinery. The UNMTS or the Unified National Miniature Thread Series was originally accepted for use in all the latest thread series back in 1958 and was mainly for instruments that fell under the general purpose use category i.e. instruments for jewelry, miniature machines and watches. The use of the current series of taps has been approved for all the latest products, and to replace the old standards of miniature as well as improvised thread types which are still used. This is why old standard miniature taps are hard to find as opposed to the latest type taps.

What thread sizes are available for a Minature left hand tap?

The current UNM series for taps being used today include fourteen types of miniature metric sizes of threads which have been systematically distributed. These thread sizes include the .30mm right up to the 1.40mm and also supplements the widely used American Thread Series starting with .060 inch in diameter. This is a type of combo for optimal diameter and pitch which ensures the best strength to size ratio for added protection against stripping and also interchangeability.

What you should look for when trying to purchase miniature left had tap?

There are a number of things you should be looking at when you are in the market to make a purchase, these include:

  • Size of the thread in relation to its use
  • Is it the right type of thread in terms of durability for your machine and use?
  • What standard does the tap follow and if it is compatible with your machine?

Ideally regardless of the type of business you run you’ll want to purchase the best and most durable type of tap as you possibly can. This will ensure minimal down time for your machine as the next time you’ll need a replacement will be many years or months later. If you are not sure of the type and the size of the thread you need you can always email your machine’s blueprints over to the company and they will have a look and provide you with a few viable options. But always make sure that you are purchasing the most durable thread out of all the options which are available to you.

Specifications  of a typical Minature left hand tap

If you are not sure if the tap you are about to purchase or if the options you have been presented with are right you’ll need to read through each tap’s specifications. If you are not an engineer you may want to get your engineer’s opinion on which type of tap will fit your machine best and run without any problems , especially if it an older model. You may also want to purchase in bulk as it will help you save money as well as ensure that you are stocked with all the right miniature left had tap types so that it can be used in the future when needed.  

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