Speciality Left Hand Tap

A speciality left hand tap as the name implies is a specific function tap, these types of taps are often installed in heavy machines used in factories or other large industries. However, many of the latest speciality left hand tap types are electronic. The tap you chose will mainly depend on what you need it for or what purpose it is intended to serve. There are various types of speciality taps and each type is different both in terms of its size as well as weight and even the mechanism built into them.

Some of the more common speciality left hand tap types include:

  • Short series taps
  • Long series taps
  • Nut taps
  • Spiral flute tandems taps

Short and long series taps of the speciality left hand tap 

Short series are special taps which are generally used for machines that use a much finer thread and are made as per ANSI specifications. However, because the specifications of these types of taps can vary many companies will require that you send in the blueprints of your machine prior to them furnishing you with a quote.

Long series taps are usually needed for cutting applications and are also based on ANSI specifications. These taps need to be well manufactured and durable since replacing them frequently can be expensive; this is why you’ll need to email the blueprints of your machine prior to a quote being sent over.

The Spiral flute tandem taps category of Speciality left hand tap types

The really unique thing about these taps is that they combine both the finishing cut with the first rough cut which allows for an ACME screw thread to easily pass. Machines that use these taps are usually built to be economical and so these taps like the machines they fit into are also cheaper compared to other parts. These taps are relative course and so they can be subjected to lots of chip loads. However, special care needs to be taken as the wrong type or size could result in a malfunctioning machine.

How to purchase a Speciality left hand tap

The best way to purchase these taps is to do it in bulk as it is going to be near impossible to find a seller that sells you just one or two taps. You’ll need to go through a process which allows for the seller to identify exactly what type of tap you need prior to sending over a quote. In addition you’ll need to make sure that the tap is installed in the correct manner in order to avoid it from wearing out too early.

If you are in search of high quality and cheap taps you may want to search online for good speciality left hand tap sellers. Finding these sellers online is easy and you’ll just probably need to email the blueprints of your machine over to them. But there may be rare cases in which you may need to get a tap custom made to fit your machine properly.

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