Industrial Left Hand Tap

An industrial left hand tap is a special type of tap which is used in factories and manufacturing plants as part of heavy duty machinery, usually in the garments industry. These types of taps are larger than conventional taps and are designed to be used under heavy stress. The right tap will be the correct size, be durable, as well as easy to install (in most cases). You'll also need to find a tap which has been manufactured for your particular type, make and model of machine.

Industrial left hand taps are made from a number of different types of materials including

  • Aluminum taps, these taps are designed to be light and durable
  • Stainless steel taps, these taps are usually designed to be used where there are high temperatures and where durability is a must. 
  • Carbon fiber industrial left hand tap, these taps are often very expensive and are usually used in nuclear plants and the aerospace industry.

Purchasing an industrial left hand tap

Purchasing an industrial tap is something which requires the help of an engineer who will first find out exactly what type of tap is required. There are various measurements which will be initially taken as well as the task for which it will be used for also be taken into consideration. Once the type of tap in terms of type, size, weight etc has been determined, the company will then ask numerous manufacturers and suppliers for quotes out of which the best price to quality ratio quote will be chosen. These types of industrial procurement usually run into the tens and thousands dollars.

Looking for an industrial left hand tap online

If you have a small factory or industry that needs a few industrial taps you may also want to search online. There are many online companies that sell taps in bulk; they may also offer cheaper rates as compared to their offline counterparts. However, you’ll need to ask your engineer to check the quality of the taps you are purchasing prior to actually making a purchase. If you are purchasing in bulk you could also possibly ask for a sample which can then be used for a short period of time prior to deciding on a full purchase. If you are using an older machine you may also need to send a copy of its blueprints to the company so that they know which taps will fit your requirements the best.

Why should you buy an industrial left hand tap?

Industrial left hand taps are made to be durable and last longer than ordinary machine taps. These taps are also often easier to install so almost any mechanic or engineer in your company should be able to install the taps without much of a problem. However, if you do not have an engineer in your company the seller of the taps should be able to send over one to install the taps on your machines which in the case of a bulk purchase could also be free of cost.

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