ICS Left Hand Tap

ICS is a well known manufacturer of heavy machinery and in particular cutting tools. However, ICS also manufactures and sells ICS left hand tap types for various uses and machines. The beauty of ICS's line of taps is that they are made to withstand all types of temperature variations and are built to be durable. In addition ICS also sells its own line of power tools and other heavy machinery that incorporate their taps which makes finding and using their taps easy and straight forward.

There are a number of reasons why you may want to purchase a state of the art and brilliantly manufactured ICS left hand tap which includes:

  • These taps are super hard and can withstand heavy duty use
  • Their taps are made from high quality steel
  • Their taps are easy to find and purchase
  • You can be rest assured of their quality

Where can you purchase an ICS left hand tap from?

The easiest way for you to purchase an ICS left hand tap is to search online. ICS has its own website that sells taps, which are delivered directly to your doorstep. In addition you can also purchase their taps from other stores that sell ICS products. But you need to make sure that you are purchasing a high quality tap which was manufactured by ICS and not a knockoff, this is one reason why most people tend to make their purchases from ICS themselves. However for people who were not able to find what they needed from ICS’s online store they can always give them a call. Many times items may be out of stock and so you can place your order and ICS will ship them as soon as they are available.

Can you get a custom made ICS left hand tap for your tool?

While ICS does not custom make taps you can always speak to them especially if you want to make a bulk purchase for your business. However, you may need to send over the blueprints of your machine or the exact specifications of the tap you need before ICS can tell you if they can custom make it. In most cases though this may be a service reserved for factories that require their taps in bulk quantities.

Why is ICS left hand tap so expensive?

The fact is that ICS left hand taps are not expensive, if you take into account the fact that they last three times longer than taps made my other manufacturers. If anything you will be saving money when you purchase a tap made by ICS, the initial cost of making a purchase is high simply because high quality tools take time and require the use of high quality material. In addition you can be rest assured that their taps will fit machines which have been manufactured by ICS or follow the same standards that ICS does (99% of the machines made in the US follow the same standard).

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